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7 features

With our in-house developed software, we make it easier for our Akeneo customers. With all our unique functionalities in one tool.


Import and export of product information

The import module of Horizon automatically reads the product data based on a one-time mapping. Horizon then checks for errors and reports them in a clear overview.


Asset management

In Akeneo, you can manage images for your product by creating a new attribute for each image. This is workable, but it becomes time-consuming when you want to manage multiple images for your product. This can be done more easily with Horizon.


Managing supplier data

More and more companies choose to use PIM for ERP. PIM is therefore the place where the product is born in this situation. But where do you keep your supplier information? Horizon only puts a product in the ERP system when it is ordered for the first time.


Related product information

You may sell products that are linked to products that you do not have in your assortment. With Horizon, it is not necessary to create these as products in PIM. Horizon offers the functionality to manage related product information and then link it to the products in PIM.


Efficient management of ETIM classification structure

ETIM is a standard article classification for the installation sector, the construction sector, and the maritime sector. Companies do not want to set up these structures manually because it is too time-consuming. Horizon supports by synchronizing the ETIM structure to Akeneo.


Efficient creation of product relationships

Associations are the relationships between different products. You can create these relationship types yourself in Akeneo. Think of cross-sell, up-sell, replacement articles, etc.


Workflows & automation

We also want to make the use of Horizon as easy as possible for our customers. Workflows, triggers, actions, and events are aimed at automating all activities as much as possible.

Simplify your data management

The product information management system Akeneo PIM helps businesses centralize, edit, and manage all their product data and marketing and technical information across their products and catalogs Akeneo PIM is an efficient solution for the challenges of multichannel commerce.

“We aim to make it easier for ourselves and our customers and save time by combining all our unique functionalities into 1 tool, both for Akeneo community and Enterprise edition.”

Erik Odink – Lead developer Horizon


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