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Who is Calago?

PIM Expert Calago, the best productinformation

Calago is a project organization that specializes in Product Information Management (PIM). Calago is a project organization that specializes in Product Information Management (PIM). With our driven and enthusiastic team of PIM experts, we know the PIM market like no other! This is how we make product information simple and accessible for you.

We actively maintain our status as PIM experts by regularly attending training programs with our entire team. This allows us to stay up-to-date in the field of product information and software developments.

Besides implementing systems professionally, we also provide advice on improving all processes related to product information. Do you want to streamline the process from incoming data to online publishing? PIM expert Calago is ready to assist you! In addition, we also advise you on PXM (Product Experience Management), enabling your marketing and content teams to work more efficiently and with more pleasure.

Would you like to have a non-binding conversation about the possibilities of PIM? You are welcome to have a conversation with us either online or in person at our office while enjoying a cup of coffee.

What is PIM?

What is Product Information Management?

Does your company manage a lot of product information, and is an ERP system or Excel no longer sufficient? And do you have a long time-to-market, scattered data, receive a lot of customer inquiries, or have a lot of manual work? Then a Product Information Management system is the ideal solution for you!

In a PIM system, all commercial product data of your company is collected and then enriched with images, product descriptions and more. With a PIM system, all commercial product data from your company is collected and enriched with images, product descriptions, and more. This enriched data can then be easily sent to all your channels with a single click.

In a PIM system, you can keep track of the workflow process via clear workflows, automate a part of your tasks, and create a separate delivery portal for suppliers. And these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg In an article you can find more information about what a PIM is, how a PIM system works and what benefits a PIM offers.

Are you starting with your first PIM system or are you in need of a replacement PIM system? Our PIM experts are ready to guide you in making the best choice for your organization!

Why Calago?

lifelong PIM success!

The e-commerce world is changing. Technological developments are following each other at an increasing pace. But what does this mean for product information in your business? How do you ensure that your customers make a purchase?

Product information plays an important role in the purchasing process. It helps the customer to orient themselves and creates a certain expectation and experience. With good product information, you make it easy for your customers to purchase the right product.

As a PIM expert, Calago can respond to the opportunities of technological developments. Opportunities to optimize work processes by automating them, thereby reducing the occurrence of errors, can be identified and implemented by Calago as a PIM expert. With well-organized work processes and all data connected in one central place, your team can work efficiently and with pleasure!

The benefits of Calago:

  • Over 20 years of experience.
  • specialized in PIM
  • proven implementation methodology
  • experience in various industries.
  • satisfied customers
  • lifelong PIM success

Interessted? Make an appointment with us today for a non-committal conversation! We are happy to assist you with impartial and professional advice.

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We make sure that we can implement the right PIM for your organization. For this reason, we have three partners each with their own PIM solution, so we can offer the best solution for your company. Below you can get acquainted with these partners, and with our own developed software for Akeneo.

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