The best product information for your organization.

Why calago

We pay attention to communication, change, and training.

We examine your organization and explore ways in which information and technology can seamlessly integrate. We provide independent advice, regardless of the technologies we offer. We provide independent advice, regardless of the technologies we offer


We strive to provide the best product information for your organization!

We pay attention to communication, change, and training. Although we are excited about technology, the processes and users of the tools are our starting point. Together with you, we ensure that your team remains informed and motivated. We assess the impact and prepare users accordingly. We teach them how it works and ensure they can work independently.

We ensure that everyone has the right product information. Including your marketing and sales teams, IT team, and of course, your customers!


We help organizations achieve their goals by using technology in the right way.

We do this not only by implementation but by examining how product information processes currently work and how people handle information.

Based on the outcome, we provide independent advice for improvement and help with implementation where necessary.


What is the current situation, and what is the desired situation from a strategic perspective?

Where are you now, and where do you want to go? What does the current environment look like, and what needs to happen to be ready for the future?

Changes in the digital landscape are happening faster and faster. It is important to incorporate your future plans and advise on a long-term solution.

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Improving quality is not just a matter of using a tool. If you truly want to improve the quality of your product information, you can only achieve the desired result with a carefully selected PIM system.

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Arjan Herskamp
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PIM succes Manager
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