Calago ETIM App

Connect ETIM data with your Akeneo!

What is the Calago ETIM App?

ETIM is an important classification for the technical and construction sectors, which is why it’s essential to have it properly integrated into your Akeneo PIM. However, manually adding all of these technical characteristics and attributes can be time-consuming. That’s why Calago has developed an app for this purpose.

The Calago ETIM app speeds up and simplifies the process of connecting ETIM data with Akeneo. Through the app, you can easily retrieve your ETIM structure and place it directly into Akeneo with just a simple click.

Other benefits:

  • User-friendliness. The app is designed to be simple and easy to use.
  • Your data is always up-to-date. The app retrieves the latest ETIM data, making it easy to keep your ETIM classifications up-to-date.
  • The app learns from itself. If there isn’t a good mapping for your data yet, someone only needs to change it once to update it for all users.

Do you want to know more about the Calago ETIM app? Or do you want to learn more about Akeneo? Feel free to contact us or check our demo video. You can also try a free trial version of the app through the Akeneo App Store.

check out the demo video

Akeneo is the most accessible PIM solution for e-commerce!

Akeneo is the PIM solution to manage your important product information, both technically and for marketing.

With Akeneo, you can quickly put your new products online. You have control over all the necessary and desired information for both marketing and sales. And you create the best customer experience by providing accurate and complete product information

Benefits of Akeneo PIM

The product information management system Akeneo PIM helps businesses centralize, edit, and manage all their product data and marketing and technical information across their products and catalogs Akeneo PIM is an efficient solution to the challenges of multichannel commerce.

Centralized management of product data

Uniform formats, different systems – manage product data.

Rules Engine

Classify all products based on freely selectable attributes and actions.

Extensive rights management

Create user groups and set individual rights to maintain control over your data.

Data quality

Check data quality at different levels with Akeneo.

Version control

Restore previous versions of a product or maintain multiple versions of data simultaneously.


Integrate into any third-party application or software for more efficient control of multichannel businesses.

Product Asset Manager

Manage the inventory of product data such as images, videos, and documents in one PIM solution.

Validation workflow

Create your own workflows and control them with the associated engine.

Open source

Easily integrate Akeneo into other applications as it uses the Symfony framework and is built on OroPlatform.