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The best product information for your organization!

Our methodology (PIM²) and our experts are the key links to guaranteed PIM success!

We can guarantee this by conducting thorough and comprehensive research into what your organization needs now and in the future. To properly research and substantiate this, our experts have developed a specific methodology.

Step 1 (phase 0)

Phase 0

We always start with a Phase 0. In this phase, we conduct independent research on what the best choice is for your organization. At the end of this phase, you will receive a Solution Design Document from us. This document contains all the necessary information about the next phases, possible complexity, costs, and what is required from the parties involved in the project.

step 2 (phase 1)


Phase 1 is our implementation phase. We work scrum/agile and use a central platform for communication. ‘The devil is in the details.’ Short feedback rounds and the involvement of your team are therefore very important. Good communication about the specifications and progress is the basis for our joint success. It prevents ambiguity that will have a big impact later on in the project.

step 3 (PHASE 2)

Acceptance & handover

After completing Phase 1, the delivery to your team takes place. It is important to “seal off” the project. It will be determined with your team whether goals have been achieved, you can work independently with the solution, support is set up, the process works, and the documentation is complete.

Step 4 (PHASE 3)

Support & continuous improvement

The final phase is an endless phase. We will continue to support and help your team with improvements. The software is further developed and new features are regularly released. This requires updates and adjustments. By staying in contact with your team, looking together at how processes are running, and proactively researching new possibilities, a process of continuous improvement is created. Together we work towards lifelong PIM success!

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