Calago as a Digital Agency Partner

We are a driven and enthusiastic team of PIM experts.

We know the PIM market like no other! Every day we do our best to make product information easier and more accessible for your customers.

Our methodology (PIM)² and our experts are the key factors for a guaranteed PIM success!

We can guarantee this by conducting thorough research into what your customer’s organization needs now and in the future. To investigate and substantiate this thoroughly, our experts have developed a proven methodology.

Calago as a Partner

Partner for digital agencies.

Good product information delivers significant benefits for businesses, including increased revenue, higher margins, and fewer returns.

More and more digital agencies are being asked to perform an Akeneo/PIM implementation for their clients.

This is probably happening to you as well. But how do you ensure that you maintain focus on your own expertise? Because even a seemingly simple PIM project requires extensive research and expertise.

Do you own a digital agency? Then we would like to get in touch with you!


Benefits of the Partner Program

Our partner program is designed specifically for digital agencies. Are you asking how to make your clients successful online? We would be happy to help you achieve this!

In short, these are the key benefits:

  • Your client’s webshop will achieve better results with good product information.
  • You can focus on your expertise: developing and executing digital strategies for your clients
  • Your employees will not be unexpectedly faced with a PIM implementation and can focus on their expertise.
  • We are not a competitor but a complementary party.

Together is also together for us. We enjoy working with a select few good partners.

  • We also like to refer leads to your company.
  • We offer a fee for every customer you bring in.
  • We offer a recurring fee on our recurring revenue for the same client.
  • We offer a partner expertise training to your employees, which lasts for a half-day, and focuses on PIM
Calago as a Partner

Why partner with Calago?

As a partner of Calago, your company provides the best product information for your client’s webshop.

The partner program offers a smooth and easy collaboration that will generate more business and revenue for you. You will receive all the knowledge and resources you need as a partner, including: a training and a dedicated point of contact.

This provides even more added value in the return on investment of your marketing efforts, and saves your clients valuable time by having their product information in order.

Together, we work on the online growth and development of your client, so that they can make their online business a success!

If you have a digital agency and would like to know more about our Partner Program, please let us know! Then we would like to get in touch with you!


We invite you.

Arjan Herskamp

Arjan Herskamp
Senior consultant and CEO
T: 06 – 5250 4987