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Together we are strong

Calago consists of a decisive, honest, and reliable team. Together, we ensure a well-functioning company that can advise and support you optimally in PIM and PXM.

Below, we introduce all team members to you.

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Arjan Herskamp

Founder / CEO

Automation is mostly about people, where joy in what you do should be central. Collaborating and growing with our team and that of the customer, that’s what’s fascinating and beautiful about this work!

Alexander Wingelaar

PIM Consultant

The most beautiful part of my work is when we, as consultants, can offer a solution to a customer who is facing a big problem. We can do this because of our experience, expertise, and system knowledge.

Maikel Bruinenberg

PIM Consultant

I get my energy from collaborating with the customer. Using a checklist, we keep track of the actions, which allows us to effectively tackle challenges related to product data with efficient integrations between PIM and related systems.

Ralph Sprenger

PIM Consultant

It’s beautiful how we can help something small grow into something fully-fledged. A few lines of code become a complete application, and we transform a simple customer dataset into a complete data migration.

Rick van Beilen

PIM Consultant

I love to puzzle together to solve a company’s problems jointly. We establish a future vision and work together step by step with the customer to achieve it.

Selah Schonewille

Content creator/ marketer

My marketing and content work is diverse, but my goal remains the same in all tasks. To inform and enthuse companies about PIM and Calago. I love how Calago works with integrity, and therefore fully commit to the company!

Arend Feenstra

Project management support

Reliable in small things, trust in big things, and helpful in being. That’s how I support a great team.
It’s beautiful to process tiny details into valuable information provisions and processes for our customer and organization.

Feikje Mulder-Timmerman

All-round Administrative Employee

I’m happy when both personnel administration and financial administration are in good order. The open atmosphere, enthusiasm of the team, and personal attention for each other is what makes working at Calago so pleasant. I am happy to be part of that.

Henry Klaver

Financial Manager

I get my energy at work from a good workflow. Working according to plan and keeping communication good. For me, that is the key to success.

Frank Postma

PIM Consultant

Helping the customer with the PIM implementation and subsequent support to their complete satisfaction gives me energy. It’s great to be able to provide this with our amazing team!

Kyle Diener

Java developer

Diving deep into the logical and functional challenges of customers and solving these problems with my team is what I enjoy the most. I always make my solutions as future-proof as possible for the customer.