Flexible PIM solution for business growth

In a rapidly changing digital world, organizations are constantly challenged to tailor their Product Information Management (PIM) systems to their growing needs. Selecting a PIM system that not only meets current requirements, but is also flexible enough to support future developments is crucial. But what if you need features that your current PIM solution doesn’t seem to offer? What steps can you take to ensure that your system still supports your organization even as it evolves?

Integration options of PIM systems

Each PIM system offers a range of integration capabilities that are essential for collecting and centralizing product information. This information must then be easy to publish to various destinations, both internally and externally. Standard export and import functions such as CSV and XLSX files form the basis. Depending on the system, you may be required to use predefined templates or you may define your own mapping. Most systems also offer API integrations, including REST APIs for querying data and event-driven interfaces that automatically send updates when changes occur.

Expansion options and customized solutions

Akeneo PIM

Akeneo PIM distinguishes itself with additional options to personalize and expand the system. Through the Akeneo Product Experience Cloud, you can use tools for collecting data (Akeneo Supplier Data Manager), publishing product information (Akeneo Shared Catalogs), and integrating with popular platforms (Akeneo Activation for Retail). In addition, Akeneo offers the option to install apps or develop apps yourself that integrate seamlessly with the system.


MediaCockpit excels with its extensive configuration options and the ability to script functionalities or call external logic. This makes MediaCockpit a flexible choice for organizations that need customized solutions.


Based entirely on APIs, Syndigo allows users to work without the usual interface, making it a highly customizable option. For specific needs, Syndigo offers an SDK for developing applications that fully integrate with the Syndigo interface.


At Calago we develop Akeneo Apps, Groovy scripts, and Syndigo SDK apps, striving for an optimal balance between costs, maintainability and added value. Sometimes we recommend direct development by the PIM vendor to meet specific needs.

How Calago can support your organization

Calago specializes in customizing and expanding PIM solutions to meet the unique demands of your business. Whether it concerns integrating new functions, developing custom applications, or offering advice on how your current system can be optimized, our goal is to ensure that your PIM system fits seamlessly with your business processes and future growth.

Benefits of an optimized PIM System

A well-coordinated PIM system offers numerous benefits for your organization. It provides a central source of product information, leading to improved data consistency and quality. This is crucial for organizations that operate in multiple channels and regions. In addition, it facilitates more efficient processes, from product development to marketing and sales, because relevant information is quickly and easily accessible to all stakeholders.

Strategic approach for PIM Optimization

To get the most out of your PIM system, a strategic approach is essential. This includes:

  • Assesment of current and future needs: Carefully analyze your current processes and anticipate future developments within your sector. This helps identify required functionalities that your PIM system must support.
  • Intergration with other systems: A PIM system rarely stands alone. Integrating with other business systems such as ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms amplifies the value of your product information throughout the company.
  • Customization and extention: As previously discussed, customization or the use of extensions such as apps and APIs can ensure that your PIM system fits your unique needs.
  • Training and adoption: Make sure your team is properly trained in using the PIM system. After all, a system is only as effective as the users who use it.


Adjusting and optimizing your PIM system is an ongoing process that runs parallel to the growth and development of your organization. By proactively investing in integrations, custom solutions, and strategic planning, you can ensure that your PIM system provides a solid foundation for your product information management. With Calago’s expertise, you are assured of a partner who not only has the technical knowledge, but also thinks strategically with you to ensure that your PIM system fits seamlessly with your business objectives and future ambitions.

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