The best product information for your organization.

Akeneo is the most accessible PIM solution for e-commerce!

Akeneo is the PIM solution to manage your important product information, both technically and for marketing.

Do you have a webshop with thousands of products? Then chances are that the product information is stored in multiple systems that do not, or do not optimally, communicate with each other. As a result, your product information is likely not up-to-date everywhere. This applies to your webshop, product catalogs, order lists, etc. There is no one central source of truth.

Met Akeneo zet je in no-time jouw nieuwe producten online. Je hebt grip op alle benodigde en gewenste informatie voor zowel marketing als verkoop. En je creëert de beste klantervaring door juiste en volledige producteninformatie!

Akeneo realizes centralized information management

You have product information from dozens of sources. With Akeneo, you go to one source for all your products and all your channels. This is much more efficient and much less error-prone.

With Akeneo, you can quickly publish information online

Spread your product information to all your channels in no time. Akeneo can be connected to virtually any platform – e-commerce, internet, mobile, POS, and print. This way, you have the right and consistent information on all channels and you are ahead of other webshops!

Akeneo makes information management easy

You have various suppliers who all deliver differently formatted documents, spreadsheets, and images. This is a challenge to manage. Akeneo helps with managing the correct data and in the right format.

Akeneo improves product experience

Akeneo helps improve your product information by linking technical data with images and detailed product descriptions. This creates the best product experience and great customer experiences.

What kind of data is in a PIM

Technical: specifications, sizes, ingredients, etc.
Use: descriptions, how-to, etc.
Emotional: product stories, detailed descriptions, etc.
Media files: images, PDFs, etc.

Akeneo grows with you Community Edition

Community Edition

Community Editionis a PIM solution that helps a large number of e-commerce companies. It is a high-quality open-source solution. The system has no limitations and is fully deployable and usable.

Together with our Horizon software, this is a complete PIM solution for your company!

Growth Edition

Growth Editionis a starter version that is richer in functionality than the CE version. This is hosted and maintained by Akeneo for a monthly fee. From this edition, you can easily scale up to the Enterprise Edition.

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition is a more extensive version of Akeneo This adds extensions in the areas of roles & rights, projects, reference entities, a module for digital asset management, and a very extensive module for automation (Rules Builder). In addition, the Enterprise Edition offers expansion options in the areas of a supplier portal and shared catalogs to further streamline product information processes. The cost model for the Enterprise Edition is based on the type of license, the number of channels, the number of users, and the number of products, plus any additions such as a supplier portal and/or shared catalogs.

We are a certified Akeneo PIM partner

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Benefits of Akeneo PIM

The product information management system Akeneo PIM helps businesses centralize, edit, and manage all their product data and marketing and technical information across their products and catalogs It is an efficient solution to the challenges of multichannel commerce.

Centralized management of product data

Uniform formats, different systems – manage product data.

Rules Engine

Classify all products based on freely selectable attributes and actions.

Extensive rights management

Create user groups and set individual rights to maintain control over your data.

Data quality

Check data quality at different levels with Akeneo.

Version control

Restore previous versions of a product or maintain multiple versions of data simultaneously.


Integrate into any third-party application or software for more efficient control of multichannel businesses.

Product Asset Manager

Manage the inventory of product data such as images, videos, and documents in one PIM solution.

Validation workflow

Create your own workflows and control them with the associated engine.

Open source

Easily integrate Akeneo into other applications as it uses the Symfony framework and is built on OroPlatform.


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We invite you.

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