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Implementation of PIM and eCommerce

We are experts in the implementation of PIM and eCommerce software. Every company has unique processes, so standard implementation that works across the board simply doesn’t exist. The goal has always been to use the functionality that each solution package offers all while taking each company’s needs into account. This is why mapping business processes by means of workshops is so important: that knowledge allows the systems and processes to be organized in an optimal way.


We employ RUP combined with Scrum/agile, with elements of waterfall methodology. In this way, we can already create clear specifications within the first phase with what we can deliver and what risks we need to investigate and eliminate. This gives you clarity on the situation, and allows for uncertainties to be removed at an early stage. Your finger is kept firmly on the pulse of things; no surprises, no plopping the entire delivery of everything on you suddenly. Step by step, you’re with us the entire way and always in control.

Project Phases



The initial phase in which we will record the scope and requirements of your company together with you.


In this phase we make detailed designs that have been agreed upon in the inception phase. We complete the elaboration phase as soon as sufficient details have been laid down to start construction of a solution. In this phase, we investigate possible technical risks and eliminate these hazards where necessary.


We realize the solution by building agilely. We close this phase after successful testing the systems.


In the transition phase, we check the system with a decrease / go test. Once you’ve given your approval, the system goes live.

Project team

We set up a project team to facilitate and execute projects in an exemplary manner. Because a project’s success depends on the cooperation between the customer and Calago, we introduce you to the project team before the start of the project itself. It’s essential that you and the project team click with each other. The project manager selects the team and is responsible for monitoring the project’s progress and communicating with you.



We provide training to familiarize your employees with the new system. Because they get used to working with the system during training, your employees gain confidence to work with the system once it goes live.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

We provide regular maintenance according to a mutually agreed upon SLA. When drawing up the SLA, we indicate what it entails and what the costs are, and you’re made aware of our response time and how we deal with adjustments in the current environment. In this way, both parties enter into the agreement with clear expectations.


We strive to continuously improve. We want you, as a customer, to be aware of what’s going on and to what extent we fulfilled our obligations. To facilitate transparency, we deliver detailed reports on a monthly basis that enable you to see how our performance has been over the previous weeks.


Want to know more about Calago, our solutions, and our working methods? Please contact our Sales Manager Stefan Buikema via 06-82268255 (if calling from outside the Netherlands: +31 6 822 682 55) or sbuikema@calago.nl.

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