Shopware eCommerce software

Our eCommerce solution aimed at your B2B online store

Do you want your company to respond quickly to customer needs while staying ahead of the competition? Then you’ll find our eCommerce solution an interesting answer for your business.

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Why Shopware?

We work with Shopware for our e-commerce solution. Shopware is the largest and most popular e-commerce platform in Germany, and is setting its sights on becoming the most popular platform in the Netherlands as well.

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Shopware B2B Suite

The needs of B2B customers are different from those of B2C customers, but far too many e-commerce solutions lump both groups together without making any distinction between them. Shopware specifically developed a special B2B Suite containing a number of functionalities aimed at B2B customers and their specific needs.

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Editions & Pricing

Shopware offers the ability to choose from 4 different editions, so there’s always a version that will match your company and its needs.

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Shopware features

The goal of Shopware is to offer the possibility to give your customers a unique online store experience. Shopware does this by offering features that respond to the needs and emotional component of your customers, increasing the chance of engagement.

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