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As digitalisation and globalisation dominate trade, it is crucial for companies to operate efficiently and effectively, especially within e-commerce. The Electrical Technical Information Model, better known as ETIM, provides excellent tools for this. In this blog, we explore how your business can benefit from ETIM by integrating it into your e-commerce platform.

1. Provide better product experiences

Consistency in product information

Een van de meest opvallende voordelen van ETIM is de mogelijkheid om consistente en duidelijke productinformatie te leveren. This results in:

  • Improved search functions: Customers find what they are looking for faster, thanks to uniform classification of products.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Clear and reliable product descriptions increase customer satisfaction and trust.

Practical example

Imagine a customer is looking for a specific electrical switch. ETIM-classified product information makes it easy for customers to find comparable options and make the right choice without confusion.

2. Working more efficiently

Automation of data management

By integrating ETIM into your systems, you can automate various processes:

  • Data entry and maintenance: reduce the time needed to enter and update product information.
  • Error reduction: Automation significantly reduces the likelihood of human error, resulting in more accurate data.

Cost savings

Efficient data management leads to direct cost savings. Less time spent on data management means more time for strategic tasks and innovation.

3. Enabling international expansion

Global standardisation

ETIM facilitates international trade by:

  • Uniform classification: Makes it easier to sell and market products internationally.
  • Overcoming language barriers: Product information can be more easily translated and adapted for different markets.

Growth opportunities

With ETIM, your company can enter new markets faster and more effectively. This offers significant growth opportunities, especially in regions that have strong regulations on product classification and information.

Implementation strategies for ETIM

Step-by-step approach

  1. Understand the standards: Make sure you fully understand how ETIM works and what benefits it can offer specifically for your products and market.
  2. Train your team: Make sure all staff involved, from IT to marketing, understand the principles and tools of ETIM.
  3. Integration: Work with IT specialists to smoothly integrate ETIM into your existing systems.
  4. Monitoring and adjustment: Track performance after implementation and adjust where necessary to fully exploit the benefits of ETIM.


Integrating ETIM into your e-commerce platform can transform your business, resulting in better customer experiences, more efficient data management and new international market opportunities. This investment in technology and training is a step towards future growth and success in an increasingly competitive global market. Any company striving for excellence in e-commerce should seriously consider implementing ETIM.

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