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Working simply with PIM: Less manual labor

Do you ever look up to certain content work because they are repetitive and not challenging? Then look at automating these tasks. This reduces manual work, gives you more time to spend on more important tasks and also increases your job satisfaction!

Reduce copy and paste with PIM
Are you also tired of constantly copying and pasting product information? In fact, this is more common than you expect. Think of communicating with a colleague about a product, adding products from your supplier or sending your product information to different channels. Many companies still do all this by hand. Not only is this repetitive and demotivating, it is also very error-prone. Indeed, the more often product information is resent and modified, the more room there is for errors and version problems.

With a PIM system, everything around product information runs through one central location. This not only gives you an overview, but also makes your work much easier. So let’s see how a PIM simplifies and automates the aforementioned examples.

  • Communicating with your colleague about a product

When you want a colleague to add or modify product information, with a PIM system you no longer need to send them an e-mail.. Instead, a PIM system provides a convenient workflow feature. This automatically notifies your colleague when it is their turn to work on the product information.
No more sending different files back and forth, and everyone knows exactly where to find all the product information. Versioning problems are thus a thing of the past.

  • Adding products from your supplier

This can still be an exhausting task. This is because sometimes the product data is delivered by the supplier differently than you would like. Consider even small differences such as noting a color as “blue” instead of “blue.” You then have to go through all this manually and adjust it so that it fits into your systems.

With a PIM system, this goes a lot smoother. In fact, you can automate this entire process. For example, you can create a supplier portal where product information can be entered directly. After the supplier enters the data, it is automatically checked before it goes into your PIM system, and values are adjusted to match your information.

  • Sending product information to various channels

This can be a chore because many marketplaces have their own requirements for product information. A PIM system can automate all this for you, eliminating the need for you to manually maintain and enter separate lists of channel-specific product information. With a PIM system, you can send the right product information to the right channels with a simple click.

In short: A PIM reduces manual labor
What we have named in this blog is only a small part of the benefits a PIM can offer you. For example, a PIM also reduces manual work by allowing you to make adjustments in bulk, and there are many other benefits.

But with so many different ways you can reduce manual labor, and the amount of different PIM systems, it’s a good search to find what fits your business. If you would like personal advice on this, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We are happy to help you!

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